About Me

Writer, Photographer, Bon Vivant, Groupie, Muse

I call myself an Apprecianado, an appreciator of all things edible, audible, and vivid. I am most passionate when I’m surrounded by the creative exploits of my friends and family. And the more sensory, the better.

Born and raised in Dallas, Texas, my heart longed for a smaller, more rural life. Childhood dreams projected me into a life surrounded by country living fueling rich fantasies of my escape from the urban commotion of my birthplace. I am a natural-born Texan of the 5th generation; my family was very proud of its heritage of wily Texas settlers. Stories abound about determined, hard-working and sometimes devilish ancestors. I inherited their tenacity and appetite for crisscrossing the country in search of the home of my heart and was lucky enough to find it here. I’ll always be a Texan, a Longhorn fan until I die, but my adopted home here in fertile Northern California is where my heart resides.

Food has always framed my life perfectly. While I didn’t follow in the footsteps of the great cooks and chefs in my family, I certainly paid attention when they shared their nuggets of wisdom and creativity. I can cook, but I prefer to eat! Perhaps that’s why I felt so at home on my first visit to the San Francisco Bay Area in the early 90’s. The North Bay is rich with ways to feed a food passion. Local food, grown by local farmers, is plentiful and has certainly spoiled me. We don’t just eat around here, we celebrate food.

Music and photography are my other favorite passions. Music can save the world while photos frame the story. I’ve always known that music can make magic happen, but these days, the effects of its alchemy surround and often overwhelm me. The daily experience of True Joy pulses through my veins as I witness tiny miracles that link the moments of my life together in an unbreakable chain. I’m convinced that I hear the Voice of God in my life’s soundtrack. I’ve said before that musicians are angels, messengers of sorts.

Over the past several years, I’ve noticed something amazing has taken place inside my heart and mind — a growing feeling of gratitude is my constant companion, making my life more rich and precious. Gratitude is like water, abundant and fresh, cleansing and fortifying. We need it to flourish and grow. It’s this feeling of gratitude that has infused my DNA, the very cells of my body, with a joie de vivre that pulses mightily with every breath, and its expression is my tribute. I share with you my Jar of Joy-Filled Moments and wish for you one that overflows every day.

I’m a dreamer, a muse, a mother, a lover, a friend. I’ll likely make myself available for an adventure, especially if it involves travel. I’d never leave my heavenly home if I didn’t love to travel. My passions are many, but my heart steeps in photography and music. I’m not a musician myself but I consider it a form of worship. I’m a proud Groupie, an unapologetic fan of all things creative. I also venerate food but I’m not a chef. You’ll usually find me in the background cheering and begging for more…I adore encores. Encores mean just a couple more tunes, or a second helping. Or maybe just dessert.

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  1. rjkarl33 says:

    Hi Deborah,

    We follow each other on Twitter. In the next couple of weeks, I’ll be launching a crowdfunding campaign for Noveltunity(r).

    Our mission to help writers reach their goals and empower readers to have more influence in the market. Please visit our site http://www.noveltunity.com

    I was hoping you might give us some tweets when we’re up and going. Mentions on FaceBook would be great as well.

    Any other help like blog mentions or emails would be greatly appreciated.



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