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The New Daily News

The corporatization of the media ended the hometown newspaper to explore the world beyond the city limits. They sold out and news became homogenized like milk, the flavor the same as any other carton on the shelf. Because of this, we’ve lost the connection to our neighbors and the news that truly matters, threatening our tribal interconnectedness and how we support each other. The fact is, what we do matters to each other. Continue reading

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25 Things

Love is still a surprising phenomenon. It truly has the power to transform lives and people and I’ve been a witness to many miracles. I’ve learned never to second-guess its power. Continue reading

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Perpetual Moments

That’s when I know I’ve found one and I pluck it from the tree and tuck it inside myself. Instead of gathering things and objects in my life, I gather these bubbles of perfection and collect them in some invisible place, keeping them all safe from any chance of forgetting. Continue reading

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