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The New Daily News

The corporatization of the media ended the hometown newspaper to explore the world beyond the city limits. They sold out and news became homogenized like milk, the flavor the same as any other carton on the shelf. Because of this, we’ve lost the connection to our neighbors and the news that truly matters, threatening our tribal interconnectedness and how we support each other. The fact is, what we do matters to each other. Continue reading

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Cold Corn

This winter reminded me of another a few years ago during another contentious campaign season.  I’m watching loved ones age, dealing with my own aging body, and witnessing mothers and fathers passing away. I’m losing people I love at an alarming rate and … Continue reading

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Life in the Slow Lane

I’m feeling lighthearted today. Not only because it’s a National Holiday and most folks aren’t working, but because I got some much needed sleep last night. It’s amazing how bright and sweet mornings are when you feel rested. My Music … Continue reading

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She made me a better person by being my daughter. She chose me and I’ve loved every single minute of it. I simply would not be who I am without her presence in my life, and for that I’m so very grateful. Just by being, she gave me a new life. Continue reading

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Today I met 7-year-old Naomi, the daughter of My Music Man’s old high school buddy.  She was delightful and quickly brought out my inner little girl.  As we chatted about the snow on the ground here in Iowa, I told her that I … Continue reading

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Live Pies Served Up Fresh

There are Pie People and there are Cake People. My Music Man and I are confirmed Pie People. I simply love pie. I’d rather have pie than cake. It’s not just a matter of taste, it’s a matter of substance. … Continue reading

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War Cries

Testing comes from honest and sincere confessions. Acceptance. We have far to go together, but the softer nature of conflict has settled around me. The question has gone from “Can I ever find the love of my life?” to “Can I ever be the love of my life?” And it took me years to figure out what that means. Continue reading

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Perpetual Moments

That’s when I know I’ve found one and I pluck it from the tree and tuck it inside myself. Instead of gathering things and objects in my life, I gather these bubbles of perfection and collect them in some invisible place, keeping them all safe from any chance of forgetting. Continue reading

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